Bison bison (Linnaeus, 1758) observed in United States of America by Simon Feys (licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

The North America Region

The North America Region strives to bring together representatives from GBIF Nodes, IPT installations, and other organizations/stakeholders to inspire collaboration and discussion of shared goals, challenges, and opportunities.

The North America Region has three main goals:

  1. Encourage regional collaborative efforts to define best practices for participation, knowledge-sharing, training and capacity enhancement in the North American data-sharing community.
  2. Solicit ideas for better coordination across the region, define roles and responsibilities, and clarify the pathway for data mobilization.
  3. Encourage future projects to participate in the community using the outcomes from the first two goals.

To meet those goals, the North America Regional Steering Group has implemented quarterly regional meetings and has created a North America Slack Workspace.

If you need assistance with applying data standards, sharing your data, or how to access GBIF North America data, you can reach out to the GBIF North America helpdesk.

Portal Data

This portal facilitates exploration of North American biodiversity data on a regional scale. The data presented come directly from and have been filtered for country-coordinate mismatches. The following countries are represented in the portal data based on both geographic and political considerations:


Representatives from the following nodes and organizations are collaborating on the contents of this hosted portal:

Steering Group Members

  • Dave Bloom, Regional Representative North America, Vertnet Node Manager ORCiD
  • JJ Dearborn, Steering Group Member, Biodiversity Heritage Library Node Manager ORCiD
  • Stephen Formel, Steering Group Member, United States Node Manager ORCiD
  • Sharon Grant, Steering Group Member, Field Museum IPT Manager ORCiD
  • David Jennings, Steering Group Member, iDigBio Node Manager ORCiD LinkedIn
  • Kent McFarland, Steering Group Member, Vermont Center for Ecostudies ORCiD
  • Teresa Mayfield, Steering Group Member, Museum of Southwestern Biology ORCiD LinkedIn
  • Katie Pearson, Steering Group Member, Symbiota Support Hub Node Manager ORCiD
  • Carole Sinou, Canadensys Node Manager ORCiD LinkedIn